Zorn's of Bethpage Cuts Ribbon on New Building

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Zorn’s of Bethpage, renowned on Long Island for its all-natural poultry fresh from farm to kitchen, has made their new building official.

On Thursday, June 13, Zorn’s of Bethpage held its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at its new store, which is located directly next to its original building. Merrill Zorn, owner of Zorn’s, welcomed the local community and government leaders in congratulating, presenting citations and participating in the cutting of the ribbon. 

At the ceremony, about 100 people were in attendance, including a large amount of family that came from miles away to see Zorn’s enter its 80th year. Tours of the new store with its familiar blue and white design, as well as food samplings,were available to the public.

Zorn’s new 8,000-square-foot building features a retail store and commercial kitchen with all-new equipment. The new building also includes dine-in seating and bathrooms that customers had previously requested. 

“Everything’s the same and it’s still just like my grandfather’s,” said Zorn. “I didn’t want the community to lose this place and it was my grandfather’s pride and joy, so I made sure to keep his legacy alive.”

According to Zorn, popular selections on the menu include southern fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, rotisserie chicken and ribs. 

“Currently, there are no new things because [Zorn’s] wanted to keep everything pretty much the same,” she said. However, she explained how they found the perfect waffle and maple syrup for their dish of chicken and waffles. “For the future, one thing we want to get into is fried turkey wings. We tried making some and it was unbelievably delicious.” 

The original retail store opened in 1950, about 10 years after Peter Zorn began selling turkeys out of a cement-block building on the Bethpage property. As a message to current customers, Zorn said, “Thank you for your loyalty, because there’s nothing better than having people so true and loyal.” 

For new customers, Zorn offered, “We have the perfect food for working families or for people who don’t have time to make a meal. Our food is homemade and made from scratch everyday.” 

Zorn shared that her favorite thing about her business is her staff, the customers she meets and keeping her grandfather’s legacy alive. 

“I love coming to work every day and greeting the most amazing people on Long Island,” she mused. “I wouldn’t have been able to keep the legacy alive and going without my customers and staff.” 

She shared that one loyal customer in attendance had previously celebrated her 95th birthday with Zorn’s, and was at the ceremony bright and early to support. 

“There are no words for how I feel when customers come and still eat our food for so long. I’m just so blessed,” she said.

—Maya Brown is a reporter with
Anton Media Group

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